Today more than ever before industry, retail outlets and even manufacturing plants require the very best in nylon plastic tubes and plastic rod related products. Most importantly, when sourcing the best in rod and tube type products it is important to consider such things as high light transmission qualities. This is typically achieved through the use of high-end materials that offer excellent light diffusing capabilities. This guarantees that the quality always shines through regardless of the application, especially when using plastic rod and tube type components.   Improve Sales   Most notably, plastic rods and tubes that offer excellent light diffusing properties help to ensure that various types of lighting applications look great under a wide range of conditions. From store fixtures to store displays and many other types of similar uses, rods and tubes that are made of the highest quality plastic can enhance the overall look for those in retail. This helps to improve sales and generate greater profits over the long term. In addition, rods and tubes made of high quality plastic material are typically a great complement to a wide range of other types of acrylic sheet related products.   Dedication And Commitment While there are many companies throughout the country that offer various types of plastic accessories, one company has continually outpaced the competition year after year. Regal Plastics is a reliable and dependable source for the very best in nylon plastic tube products that are designed to last. With years of experience in the industry, Regal offers a dedication and commitment to the very best in quality while making sure the prices are always fair and reasonable. Working with retail outlets, industry and manufacturing, Regal is a company that has earned its reputation one client at a time. Contact Regal Plastics today to learn more.

From retail outlets to mechanical facilities and electronics producers as well as those in mass transit and the airline industry, the very best in plastic sheeting should always be sourced. When it comes to sourcing ultraboard sheet products specifically this is also the case. Working with a trusted source in plastics manufacturing is usually the best option to ensure that outstanding materials are always used in the manufacturing process for various types of plastic parts and components.   Experienced And Dedicated Team Of Plastics Experts   From acrylic plastics to foam board products and aluminum sheets as well as high temperature plastics and virtually every other type of plastic including high impact type plastics, sourcing from the best company ensures long-term reliability and dependability. Experienced and dedicated teams of plastics experts will typically have on hand a wide range of plastic materials inventory. Sheeting can be used for everything from illuminated sign production to furniture manufacturing and even for kiosks. In short, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the applications for different types of plastic sheeting.   Source Quality Plastic Materials Sourcing ultraboard sheet products from a quality company helps to guarantee that businesses enjoy an excellent return on investment. In addition, accepting second best when it comes to different types of manufactured plastic will ultimately cost companies money over the long term. One of the best ways to source quality plastic materials is to choose carefully when selecting a plastics manufacturer. Regal Plastics has become a respected name in the plastics industry over the decades. With a long list of satisfied customers, Regal has earned a trusted reputation. Contact Regal Plastics today to learn more about plastic sheeting that is of the highest quality as well as affordable.  

Today more than ever before it is important to work with the right manufacturer that specializes in a wide range of plastics. This is especially true when it comes to extruded nylon plastic sheet related parts, components and products. Most notably, plastic sheet products can be sourced in almost an infinite variety of types of materials. In addition to choices in materials, textures, colors and properties can vary largely when it comes the plastic sheeting.   Applications Are Incredibly Demanding   Working with an experienced and dedicated manufacturer of plastics helps to ensure that plastic sheet related products are always the best. Extruded nylon plastic sheet products are used for a wide range of different applications. Many of these applications are incredibly demanding and require the best in materials. From aerospace to the airline industry as well as mass transit and the electronics industry, extruded nylon plastic sheeting must be sourced from the best manufacturers. Other common uses for this type of plastic sheeting include food-processing facilities, retail outlets requiring store fixtures and displays as well as for use in illuminated signage.   Commitment To Perfection   In addition, there are many instances where extruded plastic sheeting is required to produce a protective covering on walls and other surfaces. Choosing carefully when it comes to plastics and plastic material manufacturers ensures that even the most demanding applications will meet with success. One company in particular that has continually outperformed other plastic manufacturers is Regal Plastics. Known for a commitment to perfection and high quality, Regal is a company that has impressed clients for many years. From custom fabrications to security materials and adhesive products as well as plastics available in many shapes and sizes, Regal Plastics is a company that simply gets it right.  

Extruded nylon plastic rods are strong: rigid, with a high melting point. This strength, coupled with the wear properties of nylon, make it one of the most widely used plastics in the world. Nylon is frequently substituted for bronze, brass, aluminum, steel, and other metals, in addition to other plastics, wood, and even rubber. It is literally the answer to almost any need. Plastic rods are extruded in the same way as plastic tubing and sheeting, except that rods are solid—not hollow. Extruded plastic rods are used primarily as structural supports for many applications, from POP displays to industrial construction. Extruded plastic rods an also be coextruded with other types of plastic and/or other materials to further strengthen the rod’s core while also cutting the price tag on material costs. Many manufacturers, from aerospace engineering firms to electronics corporations, use solid plastic rods as raw materials: which are then machined into parts such as bearings, gaskets, seals, etc. Extruded plastic rods are ideal materials for these industries because the unique properties of the plastic, for example: low density, structural integrity and corrosion resistance—just to name a few. With so many uses for this super-product, it’s no wonder its place in the market is secure. Simply put, many industries depend on extruded plastic tubing—and for good reason. What can extruded plastic rods do for you and your business?  Contact us today and let’s find out.  

A new project at the University of Tokyo is creating incredible, intricate structures using a 3D printing pin that has been modified to use only extruded plastics. Historically, 3D printers have been extremely limited in the scope and ability of what they can create. But Tokyo students have bridged this gap by using a 3D handheld printing pin with which they manually connect the acrylic rods to strings of thermoplastics filament, guided by a digital tracking system. These students have only recently discovered what has long been known by industry experts: extruded plastics have a high melting point, and, once melted, are nearly indestructible. The custom designed 3D pen bonds the acrylic rods and the plastic filament together almost instantly and can then be used to create large, stable structures. Just as with more typical, industrial, uses for extruded plastics, these art installations are unaffected by moisture and have a high strength to weight ratio. They offer high light transmittance without the loss of optical clarity and can be manipulated in many ways. Even after the art installation structure is created, it is still malleable in the sense that the students can continue to amend and/or completely redesign the original construction into entirely new structures. These benefits explain why more and more businesses are choosing and working with extruded plastics for the majority of their design needs. From signage to product construction, let us help you find the solution you

Many types of facilities need heavy protection. Banks, jewelry stores, night desks, penal institutions, court buildings, museums and other facilities exposed to possible violent intrusion methods need reliable protection. For these types of operations, protection matters most and theft or personal injury occurrences from lack of proper protection could be very costly. Strong and Reliable If you are looking for protection from forced entry with sledgehammers, axes, gunfire, or other heavy tools, bullet resistant acrylic plastic sheets are specially developed for ballistic protection and can withstand even sustained fire from heavy automatic firearms. Bullet resistant acrylic plastic sheets are a lightweight and cost effective alternative to bulletproof glass that provides extreme durability, high transparency and light transmission. Versatility Bullet resistant acrylic sheets meet all security requirements with regard to protection against forced entry and ballistic impact. These sheets are also easy to cut, drill, rout and cement using conventional tools. Different widths and lengths of sheets are available based on your protection needs.

New technological advancements and engineered plastics penetrating new applications will continue to drive growth at an increase of 2.6% annually through 2019.

Many industrial, commercial and institutional facilities can benefit from reducing air filtration that results in saving money.

PET is short for polyethylene terephthalate, the chemical name for polyester.

Most in manufacturing, industry and business in general would agree that plastics have revolutionized the way businesses operate. In fact, plastics are far superior in many ways to other types of material such as metals that can oxidize, rust or corrode. One product in particular that has grown in popularity in recent years is the nylon plastic rod. A cast nylon plastic rod has many advantages that simply cannot be ignored by those looking for efficiency and better cost-effectiveness. Impressive High Tensile Strength For example, a nylon plastic rod is often used in a way where it can be filled with different types of lubricants in order to enhance wear and reduce overall levels of friction. Because plastic is lightweight and provides for impressive high tensile strength as well as elasticity, it is the perfect type of material for a rod that is used as a component in various types of products, machines and equipment. This is especially true with regard to replacing components that are typically made of brass, bronze, aluminum, steel or different types of traditional materials. Different Custom Shapes When it comes to mechanical applications, few other materials compare to plastic and the versatility of a typical nylon plastic rod component. Best of all, cast nylon can easily be formed into many different custom shapes based on the customer

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