Adhesive Backed

UHMW tape offers pressure sensitive adhesive for applications where mechanical fastening is not practical or for less labor intensive installation. UHMW sets the standard for engineered polymers with a unique combination of wear and corrosion resistance, low friction surface and impact strength. UHMW is resistant to chemical attack and moisture absorption, and retains key physical properties to -30 C.

Item No.
7800103125180.010.312550Natural UHMW Tape
78201010001080.011108Natural UHMW Tape
7800101000180.01150Natural UHMW Tape
782015500160.0150.550Natural UHMW Tape
782020750540.020.7550Natural UHMW Tape
7800306251000.030.625100Natural UHMW Tape
7820301150PSA0.031150Natural UHMW Tape
7800302000500.03250Natural UHMW Tape
7820312000100PSA0.0312100Natural UHMW Tape
7820404000500.04450Natural UHMW Tape
7820402000500.04250Natural UHMW Tape
78206007550PSA0.060.7550Natural UHMW Tape
7800601000100BK0.061100Black UHMW Tape
78006011000.061100Natural UHMW Tape
78006015100CP0.061.5100Ceram P UHMW Tape
78206021000.062100Natural UHMW Tape
7800603000100BK0.063100Black UHMW Tape
78206031000.063100Natural UHMW Tape
78206081000.068100Natural UHMW Tape
782060500500.0620.550Natural UHMW Tape
7820622751000.0622.75100Natural UHMW Tape
782062375050PSA0.0623.7550Natural UHMW Tape
7820625000100PSA0.0625100Natural UHMW Tape
7820902501000.090.25100Natural UHMW Tape
7820901501000.091.5100Natural UHMW Tape
7821251350A0.1251250Natural UHMW Tape
7821252450A0.1252450Natural UHMW Tape
7822501550A0.251550Natural UHMW Tape

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