UHMW can be extruded into a limitless variation of custom profiles to suit your needs. Typical UHMW parts and application profiles include: UHMW Guide Rails, UHMW Chain Guides, UHMW Wear Strips, UHMW Pulleys, UHMW Chain Tensioners, and other custom profiles.

A Thickness Nominal
B Thickness Nominal
C Thickness Nominal
D Thickness Nominal
Natural UHMW Angle Profile - 78325010001000N/A0.2511N/A
Natural UHMW Angle Profile - 78325010001500N/A0.2511.5N/A
Natural UHMW Angle Profile - 78325010002000N/A0.2512N/A
Natural UHMW Angle Profile - 78325015001500N/A0.251.51.5N/A
Natural UHMW Angle Profile - 78325020002000N/A0.2522N/A
Natural UHMW Angle Profile - 78350015001500N/A0.51.51.5N/A
Natural UHMW Angle Profile - 78350020002000N/A0.522N/A
Natural UHMW Angle Profile - 78350030003000N/A0.533N/A
Natural UHMW Angle Profile - 78350035003500N/A0.53.53.5N/A
Natural UHMW Angle Profile - 7835003000300088N/A0.533N/A
Natural UHMW J-Leg - 783125100JN/A0.12510.530.24
Reprocessed Black UHMW Angle Profile - 78325020002000RBKN/A0.2522N/A
Natural UHMW Angle Profile - 78350015001500ANGLEN/A0.51.51.5N/A
Ceram P UHMW Angle Profile - 78350030003000CPN/A0.533N/A
Natural Extruded UHMW Angle Profile - 783AR405AR4050.12511N/A
Natural Extruded UHMW Angle Profile - 783AR410AR4100.250.6251.5N/A
Natural Extruded UHMW Angle Profile - 783AR415AR4150.2511N/A
Natural Extruded UHMW Angle Profile - 783AR425AR4250.2522N/A
Natural Extruded UHMW Angle Profile - 783AR427AR4270.522N/A
Natural Extruded UHMW Angle Profile - 783AR430AR4300.533N/A
Natural UHMW Guide Rail Snap-On - 783AR523AR5230.131.51.5N/A
Natural UHMW Guide Rail Snap-On - 783AR526AR5260.131.52N/A
Natural UHMW Guide Rail Snap-On - 783AR530AR5300.131.251.25N/A
Natural UHMW Guide Rail Snap-On - 783AR532AR5320.1322N/A
Natural UHMW J-Leg - 783AR541AR5410.1910.530.24
Natural UHMW J-Leg - 783AR542AR5420.191.50.530.24
Natural UHMW J-Leg - 783AR544AR5440.1920.530.24
Natural UHMW Full Round Snap-On - 783AR550AR5500.50.69N/A
Natural UHMW Bar Clip-On - 783AR561AR5610.
Natural UHMW U Channel - 783EP103EP1030.625122.5
Natural UHMW U Channel - 783EP104EP1040.62511.52
Natural UHMW U Channel - 783EP105EP1050.50.87511.5
Natural UHMW U Channel - 783EP106EP1060.3750.750.51
Natural UHMW U Channel - 783EP111EP1110.62512.253
Natural UHMW Right Angles - 783EP201EP2010.
Natural UHMW Right Angles - 783EP202EP2020.250.0420.156
Natural UHMW Right Angles - 783EP203EP2030.50.09430.25
Natural UHMW Right Angles - 783EP222EP2220.1250.09320.14
Natural UHMW U Channel - 783EPP112EPP1120.6050.7311.25
Natural UHMW Full Round Snap-On - 783EPP351EPP3510.340.5N/AN/A
Natural UHMW J-Leg - 783EPP603EPP6030.1872N/AN/A
Natural UHMW J-Leg - 783EPP620EPP6200.1250.75N/AN/A
Natural UHMW J-Leg - 783EPP636EPP6360.1871.5N/AN/A
Natural UHMW C Channels - 783EPP703EPP7030.0931.37520.25
Natural UHMW C Channels - 783EPP705EPP7050.1250.511
Natural UHMW C Channels - 783EPP707EPP7070.1251.521.5
Natural UHMW C Channels - 783EPP708EPP7080.0750.520.109
Natural UHMW Guide Rail Snap-On - 783EPP801EPP8010.3750.50.5N/A
Natural UHMW Guide Rail Snap-On - 783EPP803EPP8030.50.6250.75N/A
Natural UHMW Guide Rail Snap-On - 783EPP851EPP8510.3750.5N/AN/A
Natural UHMW C Channels - 783EPP904EPP9040.250.3430.812N/A
Natural UHMW Chain Guide - 783EUHC0040EUHC00400.31251.250.1250.875
Natural UHMW Chain Guide - 783EUHC1050EUHC10500.3751.250.1561
Natural UHMW Chain Guide - 783EUHC2060EUHC20600.51.50.2130.115
Natural UHMW Chain Guide - 783EUHC2080EUHC20800.520.250.13

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