Primers are formulated for use with RTV silicone rubber adhesive sealants. Primers are used to help promote adhesion to difficult-to-bond substrates. For most two-component products, a primer is required when an adhesive bond is needed between the silicone rubber compound and a non-silicone surface. All primers are one-component products requiring no mixing and are supplied ready-to-use as easily pourable solvent solutions. Primers help promote adhesion to metals (such as aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, brass, and galvanized metals), porous materials, unglazed ceramics and wood.
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5 Gallon Primer - 845SR5005GALSR500Click for Quote
5 Gallon Catalyst - 845SS4300C5GALRTF7000Click for Quote
1 Pint Primer - 8754004PSS4004Click for Quote
1 Gallon Primer - 8754044GALSS4004Click for Quote
1 Pint Primer - 8754044PSS4004Click for Quote
1 Pint Primer - 8754120PSS4120Click for Quote
1 Pint Primer - 8754155PSS4155Click for Quote
1 Pint Primer - 8754179PSS4179Click for Quote
4 Oz. Catalyst - 875DBT4DBTClick for Quote
4 Oz. Catalyst - 875STO4STOClick for Quote

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